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Marijuana Business

New Colorado Marijuana Rules To Provide Ability To Recycle Marijuana Roots, Stalks And Stems

On Jan. 1, 2019, Colorado’s new permanent medical and retail marijuana rules will go into effect. Highlights of the new rules include a new audit and approval process for certain infused products, International Standards Organization (ISO) accreditation requirements for all testing facilities to meet international laboratory standards, mandatory testing of [read more]

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Marijuana Business

Eaze Launches New CBD Marketplace

Today, Eaze announced a major expansion of its offerings with the launch of Eaze Wellness, a new online marketplace shipping hemp-derived CBD products to 41 states across the United States and the District of Columbia. Eaze Wellness launches during a time of heightened public interest in CBD and provides consumers with education and [read more]

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Marijuana Studies

Patients With Tourette Syndrome Report Benefits From Cannabis According To Study

Patients suffering from Tourette syndrome (TS) report symptomatic benefits following the use of medical cannabis, according to data published in the journal Parkinsonism and Related Disorders. Israeli researchers surveyed 42 patients with TS who had approval from the Health Ministry to use medical marijuana. Subjects typically reported reduced tic severity, better sleep, and [read more]