Marijuana Studies

Study: Chronic Marijuana Use May Increase Psychotic Experiences in Adolescents

A recent study published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry showed a substantial increase in “psychotic-like experiences” in teenage users. The study, carried out by researchers in Canada, also reported adverse effects on cognitive development and increased symptoms depression. The lead researcher, Josiane Bourque, a doctoral student at [read more]

Marijuana Science

Cannabis Tinctures – Four Reasons Why They Work Better Than Edibles

Two new studies prove that cannabis tinctures have several advantages over traditional edibles. Here is how they stack up. Cannabis edibles come in many forms: tablets, capsules, pretzels, cookies, brownies, gummies, etc. However, cannabis tinctures are fundamentally different—they are a liquid form of cannabis. Tinctures are alcohol based extracts of cannabis that can [read more]